Boltless Racking System
The days of using bolts and nuts of installing rack are over.
Handirack proven and time tested light duty Shelving System is an improved version of old-aged slotted angle Shelving System. It is widely used to store light items such as dry food, apparels, footwear, electronic, automotive and industrial parts and archive filling.
Height      1800, 2100, 2400 (mm)
Length      900, 1200, 1500, 1800 (mm)
Depth      450, 600 (mm)
Shelve Level      4, 5, 6
Decking Material      9mm Plywood
Loading Capacity      150 - 450 Kgs UDL per Level
Medium duty Rack/Long Span Shelving Rack
Medium Duty or Long Span Rackig System are easy to be install and dismantled, the layer height can reach up to 4000mm and it is used widely by SME Enterprise. Loading capacity can be up to 4000kg / bay and 800kg / level. This medium duty rack can be converted into mezzanine floor or 2-tier racking.

Cantilever Rack
Heavy Duty Racking System